Hotel Muisca

Hotel Muisca, Bogotá, Colombia

The Hotel Muisca was conceived under the concept of sustainable architecture using an old building of architectural conservation has been restored, renewed, adapted and expanded to a new use.
Located in a historical tradition area of the town owes its importance to that was, at different periods, the capital of Muisca settlement and place of founding of Bogotá by the conquerors. This meeting of cultures is the starting point to build a theme hotel that combines pre-Columbian culture through the rescue of its artistic expressions and architectural legacy of Spanish culture.

The hotel responds to the global trend that offers to meet the preference of tourists, businessmen, government officials and academics, both foreign and domestic, for small format hotels seeking to seduce the visitor through its architecture, the spaces and the objects that identify it. Beyond being a mere place of passage, the hotel offers an experience of identity, comfort and design at low cost, and invites the guest to explore further the important cultural legacy of ancestors.

Hotel 3 Banderas - Cartagena

Hotel 3 Banderas, Cartagena, Colombia

Hotel 3 Banderas is one of the first hotel boutique of its kind to have opened its doors in Cartagena 15 years ago. With over 200 years of history, this fully restored house has always kept its homelike style filled with history surrounding it. 3 Banderas offers its guests an intimate and peaceful ambiance to make them feel home. A one on one service will make you stay a wonderful experience with the 3 Banderas family.