Inna Grand Bali Beach

Inna Grand Bali Beach,Bali,Indonesien

Set in the line of sun up beach a magical beach side at the seaside of every occasion between business and leisure. Laid in lush tropical garden and seductive seas, where the everyday is start for good within the Balinese traditional life.

Located in 42 hectares of tropical garden at the seaside of every occasion for sure will bring back the sense of Balinese culture, forgotten tales history of Bali and for being home for everyone. All accommodation are directly located and accessed to the sunrise beach where the traditional are within the reach 24-hour service and hospitality is provided for your stay.

Within peaceful atmosphere that make this place for traveler, business and pleasure to unwind and relax, and socialize with other guest from any country and even with local if you wish. The epitome of style, culture and comfort, Inna Grand Bali Beach is designed and reflect the needs of the guest for every occasion and you have many reasons why it's your home in Bali